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Before installing your hardwood

Our installation experts at Carpet Selections, Inc. will work diligently to make sure your new hardwood looks beautiful. Before our crews arrive for your flooring installation, there are a few steps you should take to ensure the process is smooth and efficient.

  • Delivery - Certain floors need to be delivered and stored inside your home for acclimation, up to 48 hours prior to installation. Our team will notify you if this is required.
  • Take up/Disposal of Existing Flooring - Preparing for hard surface installation is very different from carpet. If we are removing flooring, it is much more of a construction atmosphere - more noise and more dust.
  • Floor Prep - Hard surface floors require a flat surface with minimal height differences. General prices may be in your estimate, however any unforeseen floor prep, subfloor problems, cracks, holes, water damage, or rot will be quoted on site by the installer.

Floor Squeaks - We try to improve most floor squeaks during a hard surface installation. Basic floor squeaks are included in our floor prep process. Significant issues will require extra charges. We may not be able to completely eliminate all squeaks.

Underlayment/Luan - It may be recommended to install either new sub flooring or luan to improve height or unleveling conditions between new and existing floors. We can estimate this for you and may recommend an outside contractor.

Contractor Required - Occasionally floors need more prep than we can provide. Sometimes this can't be determined until the existing floor is removed. This generally relates to a replacement or grinding on subfloors. If this is the case, the customer will need to hire a contractor to take care of this.

Appliances/Gas Lines-You will need to hire a professional to disconnect any appliances or gas lines, as we do not disconnect or reconnect these.

Door Jambs - Replacing thick floors with many of today's luxury vinyl causes issues with door jambs. This often results in significant gaps. You will need to hire a professional to correct this situation.

Quarter Round/Shoe Mold - We offer this in primed white or matching/coordinating colors. The most common is primed white, which you will need to paint and touch up. Many customers pick up the trim ahead of installation to paint before we install. Once our team installs, they will caulk/putty the joints and nail marks. You will need to touch up paint once this is complete.

Transitions - Transitions from hard surface flooring to other flooring depend on what has been done previously and the availability of transition pieces (discuss these options with your salesperson prior to the installation). Sometimes this is determined on-site by the installer once they have removed existing flooring.

Appliances - Today's appliances are very large. They are great for food storage but the extra height may not work with existing cabinetry. Also, if we are working with water lines, you may need to involve a plumber if there are any issues with valves. Large refrigerators may need to be partially emptied.

Toilets - Our installers are equipped to remove and reinstall most toilets for an extra charge. If there are valve issues or the new floor significantly changes the height requiring different assembly, a plumber may need to be called (which will be paid for by the customer).

Pedestal Sinks- These will need to be pulled and reset by the customer or handyman.

Floating Floors - Many of us are accustomed to solid hardwood that is nailed to the floor. Most prod­ucts today are floating and have varying thicknesses. It is not attached. You will hear and feel inflections in the floor.

Moisture/Temperature/Sunlight - Hard surface floors react to temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Many floors shrink and grow which is why floors may gap or peak. You are responsible to maintain certain temperature and humidity levels in your home. Failure to do so will cause a failure in the product, which is your responsibility.It is recommended to minimize exposure to direct sunlight. Discuss opening windows and their impact on your flooring with your salesperson and/or installer.

Scratch Resistance - Hard surface floors have varying degrees of scratch resistance, but no floor is 100% scratch-proof. Please use felt pads under furniture. Dragging furniture across floors can damage your flooring. Watch reclining sofas, chairs, and things that move often.

Water Resistance - Many advances have been made to improve water resistance. Some floors say they are waterproof, but this is not realistic. Many wood floors still have little water resistance to them so be extra careful where they get installed. The products that claim water resistance are specifically talking about topical liquid spills. Any significant water event will destroy some or all of your hard surface product

Patterns/Colors of Flooring- Hard surface floors have variations, whether it is real wood or a product meant to mimic it. Installers work to create the best overall look with the floor you have chosen. You may see repeats in patterns/textures on boards mixed throughout your installation.


Construction Project - We are cutting, prying up old floors, and installing new floors. This will create dust and occasionally slightly damage baseboards and paint You will need to touch up these areas when this occurs.

Cutting Product - Installation requires the use of significant cutting tools. Sometimes these will need to be set up outside or in a garage. Please discuss with the installer the best job site location for this.

HARDWOOD care & maintenance

With the right care, your hardwood floors will remain beautiful and perform like new for many years. Once you've established a routine, you'll find caring for your hardwood is easy. Learn more about how to care for and maintain your new flooring with our guide.

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hardwood inspiration

Browse our hardwood inspiration gallery to see captivating designs and imaginative ideas to find the ideal hardwood flooring for your home and elevate your floors into exquisite masterpieces of timeless beauty.

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